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Further adventures in construction technique: a Long-eared Jerboa – one of the clear winners in an ongoing search for the world’s cutest rodent – as a step-by-step study of a work in progress. Rest your mouse pointer on each picture for more info. (Best viewed in full screen on a large monitor.)

Pic #1: Experiment with wire Pic #2: Shrinkage test Pic #3: New magnet
1. Lanyard-braiding experiment, May 82. Measuring wire-to-braid ratio, May 93. New magnet style, May 24
Pic #4: Real braid in progress Pic #5: Close-up of magnets and notes Pic #6: Armature
4. Braiding onto a magnet, May 245. Notes and wrapped magnets, May 246. Finished armature, May 26
Pic #7: Bum foot Pic #8: New foot Pic #9: Two feet
7. First try at a foot, May 278. Replacement (three tries later), May 289. Two feet and a leg, May 28
Pic #10 Pic #11 Pic #12
10. First coat on the legs and tail, May 3111. After wet-felting to compress the loose wool, May 3112. Filling in the body, May 31
Pic #13: Head looking at ears and eyes Pic #14: Developing the shoulders Pic #15: More shoulder wrapping
13. Ear armature and eyes, June 214. Wool for shoulders, June 215. Wrapping the shoulder, June 2
Pic #16 Pic #17 Pic #18
16. Loose wool for the ears, June 217. Needle-felted wool for the ears, June 218. Wet-felted wool for the ears, with tools, June 2
Pic #19: Eyes as first added Pic #20: Repositioned eyes Pic #21
19. Eyes in initial position, June 220. Eyes tied together, June 221. Filling around the eyes, June 2
Pic #22: Loose core Pic #23: Compacting the core Pic #24: Building up the eye socket
22. Switching to body work, June 223. Compacting the wool, June 224. Building the orbit, June 2
Pic #25: Shaping the facial structure Pic #26: Crash diet Pic #27: Revising the leg
25. Outlining the upper jaw, June 226. Trimming excess flesh, June 227. Lengthening the leg muscles, June 2
Pic #28: Ear sandwich Pic #29: New ear Pic #30: Ears on
28. Back to the ear sandwich, June 329. Revised ear design, June 330. Mounting the ears, June 3
Pic #31: Ears from back Pic #32: Hiding ear seams Pic #33: Coloring the face
31. Back of the ears, June 332. Masking the ear joint, June 333. Shading the face, June 3
Pic #34: Covered with fuzz Pic #35: Preliminary finish Pic #36: New round of compression
34. Full body fluff, June 335. “Finished” color coat, June 336. On a diet, June 4
Pic #37: Weight loss successful Pic #38: Final body shape Pic #39: First part of tail tuft
37. True proportions, June 438. Really finished color coat, June 439. Starting the tail tuft, June 5
Pic #40: Adding tail hair Pic #41: Felting down the final tuft layer Pic #42: Tail trimming
40. Third tail tuft layer, June 541. Double-felting the tail hair, June 542. Trimming the tail, June 5
Pic #43: Whiskers Pic #44: Final bench shot Pic #45: Portrait
43. Adding whiskers, June 544. Almost done, June 545. Final portrait, June 5